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Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland
  1. New heights of hospitality

    Discover the Alps in the heart of Geneva. Come to the Hotel Edelweiss and delight in the warmth of an authentic Swiss chalet.

  2. Hotel

    In the centre of Geneva, the Edelweiss hotel offers an authentic mountain chalet atmosphere. Discover the comfortable rooms with their wood decor, as well as its tasty cuisine and warm hospitality. Enjoy a unique chalet experience in the very heart of the city.

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    Hotel Edelweiss

    2, place de la Navigation
    CH-1201 Genève
    Tel.+41 (0)22 544 51 51
    Fax +41 (0)22 544 51 99

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  3. Services

    • 42 soundproofed, air-conditioned guest rooms
    • Non-smoking floors
    • Swiss restaurant « l'Edelweiss » offering entertaining programs (open for dinner, 6 days/7)
    • Breakfast (served from 07:00 to 10:30)
    • 24-h room service
    • 1 business centre, available free of charge (1 PC with hi-speed internet access and printer)
    • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
    • Dry cleaning service
    • Iron and ironing board available
  4. Alpine cutiosities

    Edelweiss is one of the best-known mountain plants. It takes its name from edel, “noble” in German, and weiß, “white”. It is used to be a true Swiss national emblem. 

    A chalet is a traditional house built from wooden beams, typical of rural and mountain regions of Swiss, Austria, Germany and Savoy. It usually features an overhanging roof covered with shingles and cobblestones, to better resist the snow. Originally constructed for totally utilitarian use (granary, pasture shelter) it has become « the Swiss house », symbolizing simplicity and harmony with nature. Our restaurant features an authentic pasture chalet, carefully taken apart for transportation, then reassembled. Don’t miss an opportunity to book a table here!

    La poya, or « ascent » in French-provençal, is the word used in the Swiss Alps to refer to the livestock’s ascent to mountain pastures, which is one of the enduring Swiss traditions. Since the 1800s, poya also means a painting, often naïve, depicting such an ascent.
    Every evening, in our restaurant guests can enjoy an entertaining musical program, including yodel (a typically Swiss folkloric singing technique) and traditional instruments, such as an Alpine horn (a wind instrument originally used for remote communication in mountain regions, measuring up to 3.5 m).

    Saint-Bernard is a breed of large mountain dogs. Formerly represented with a canteen of rum hanging on their neck to reinvigorate victims of the cold, they were used in late 19th century to search for people lost in the mountains or victims of avalanches. They were named after a hospice of Grand-Saint-Bernard, located on the mountain pass of the same name in Swiss Alps, on the Italy border. Monks used them as guards, defenders and lost travellers’ searchers in winter.  

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